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Professional Fishing Guide James Zervos is a certified Emergency Medical Technician, and is licensed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, The National Park Service, and The Pennsylvania Fish Commission. My extreme passion for the great outdoors has brought me to the rivers and forest for over 35 years. I find being in the stream and the woods as being a part of a healthy lifestyle. Stress plays a big part in our everyday endeavors, and managing it is important to our health. Whether it is setting the hook on a 20 lb. Steelhead, chasing a big Tom Turkey through the woods, or just floating the river with a camera and peace of mind, your outing will be a rewarding, healthy experience. Your stress level will fade rapidly as we float the pristine Salmon and Delaware Rivers.

Wildlife is abundant. Bald Eagles, Wild Turkey, Deer, and the occasional Black Bear make their home within the forest that borders these majestic rivers. The essence of wildflowers and the sound of songbirds will take you far away from the hustle and bustle of the office. Please don't look at this as just a fishing or hunting outing, but as a healthier way of life!

Treat yourself to a trip of a lifetime! 

James Zervos is licensed by:
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, 
The National Park Service
The Pennsylvania Fish Commission.

N.Y. State Certified Emergency Medical Technician/CPR

Fully licensed and insured


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